History of Luxalp

Foundation then direction of the Cluses Royal Watchmaking School

Achille BENOIT, great-grandfather of the founder of Luxalp, created the Cluses Royal Watchmaking School and directed it for 41 years. As a teacher, he became famous for his innovative watch design.


Charles KRAUSS, grandfather of the founder of Luxalp, after studying watchmaking in Moutier, Switzerland, runs a watch shop in France, where he sells and repairs clocks.

Direction of the design office of Etablissements CAILLER & KRAUSS

Establishments CAILLER & KRAUSS, installed in the Arve Valley, realize, for large industrial developers, engine mechanisms for toys and fishing reels. Charles KRAUSS, future founder of Luxalp, directs the design office of the family company.

Creation of Luxalp

Charles KRAUSS grabes an opportunity to manufacture and sell metal lighting fixtures: Luxalp is founded.

Production of adjustable metal wall lamps

Having a large machine park of cutting presses, resulting from the manufacture of toy mechanisms, Luxalp is moving towards electromechanical equipment.

Cutting for the automotive industry

Luxalp wins subcontracting contracts with major automobile and appliance suppliers for the production of precision cut springs and the assembly of pressure gauge mechanisms.

Diversification towards electronics

Luxalp, following a request from one of its historical customers, seized the opportunity to manufacture an electronic variator intended for drills for the general public. It incorporates a small metal switch of its design. Luxalp took the opportunity to start its first activity of assembly and welding of electronic components, and carries out a potting to protect them.

Diversification towards electromagnetism
Back to precision mechanisms

Luxalp designs and builds a small geared motor for card reading in public payphones.

Diversification towards fire safety

During a specialized exhibition, Luxalp seduces a major player in fire safety who entrusts the re-design of an existing product to reduce the cost. It is a motorized actuator for resetting fire dampers.

Diversification towards electromagnetic lock

In parallel, Luxalp is designing its first electromagnetic release to lock and unlock a smoke evacuation damper.

Back to the automotive industry
Diversification towards textiles

Following an opportunity, Luxalp wins a subcontracting contract with a textile equipment manufacturer. A manufacturing line (winding, overmolding, potting or rectification), intended to produce electromagnetic organs, is implanted in the Luxalp workshops.

Creation of a range of electro holding magnets

After having made several customized designs for electro holding magnets on behalf of its customers, Luxalp decided to create its own range of selectro holding magnets: Lux'On for permanent magnet, Lux'Off for breaking current.

Renewal of the offer for fire safety

Luxalp renews its offer for fire safety by designing an innovative electromagnetic release and a motorized reset actuator for smoke evacuation dampers.

New dynamic and perspectives ...
  • To optimize the management of its activity and increase its productivity, Luxalp integrates a new ERP
  • In parallel, in order to reconnect with its industrial origins, Luxalp changes its graphic identity by taking over the Luxalp logo from the beginning